Heat Pumps

Why Choose Gulfstream Pool Heat Pumps?


  • Titanium Heat Exchangers

  • GREAT Warranty

All of our Heat Pumps Meet and Surpass ARI Testing Standards!

ARI Test Results on the GS1000
ARI Test Results on the GS1500
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A Great Warranty

When you purchase a GulfStream Swimming Pool Heat Pump, your heater is protected by a strong warranty: Lifetime warranty on our Titanium Heat Exchanger.

Titanium Heat Exchangers

GulfStream Swimming Pool Heat Pumps use all-titanium heat exchangers. All quality heat pumps have given up the usage of cupronickel or copper in the exchanger. Homeowners now expect a titanium heat exchanger. Why? Titanium is IMPERVIOUS to corrosion, which means it will never corrode or wear out.